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BE-200C infrared conference chairman unit
System Overview

 ·Smart and modern design.

·Build in voting and camera tracking function.

·LCD display color: black background and red words, or black background and white words.

·160*32 dot matrix LCD display, shows the signal level, power level, power charge status, power supply status, microphone working status, microphone ID number, control signal and the setting.

·Each microphone has on/off button and working status indicator.

·Each microphone has 5 buttons for operating the LCD display contrast, light time, voting, microphone ID and channel controlling.

·Each microphone has sound controlling function to turn off the microphone. When the microphone is on status, it will turn off automatically if there is no sound signal input after 99 seconds (the function can be preset to open or closed).

·The microphone head light shows the working status.

·The microphone will turn off automatically if the signal communication works in error status, to save the battery power.

·The microphone can show the signal level. The microphone LCD will show “ IR signal weak” if the IR signal is weak.

·The chairman unit has all the functions of delegate units.

·The chairman unit do not be limited neither the controller function nor the FIFO function.

·There is only one chairman unit can be set in the system, and its ID number is 001.

·Priority function can turn off any delegate unit.

·Chairman only function: the delegate unit can not turn on again after they are turn off. The delegate units can turn on only after the chairman unit quite the chairman only function.

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