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July 2001,BETERVA audio and visual company established in Foshan city, China as one of the conference system manufacturer.

At the beginning of 2003, there just some simple function conference system available in our product range, like wired discussion conference system, gooseneck microphone and condenser microphone. BETERVA know if we can not continue to produce more new design conference system which has more advance functions, then BETERVA can’t firmly base on this industry.

May 2006
, BETERVA participated in the PALM show in Beijing which is the biggest exhibition in audio and sound industry . Clients gave high comments on these two system, they showed great interested on them!

April 2007
, the BE-3510 successfully be launched to the market..BE-3510 quickly popular with clients and be used in many projects, especially the small and medium size meeting projects.

January 2009
, according to the clients’ feedback and research on the conference industry, BETERVA concentrate on developing the wireless conference system.

August 2010
, BETERVA moved to the new and bigger factory in Yanbu, Foshan, China because of the increasing sales growth. Till the end of 2010, our sales turnover turns from 1 million to 5 million. Products have been used in 23 provinces and areas in China, and also be exported to the oversea markets like Russia; Ukraine; Italy; Greece; France; Malaysia; India; Dubai; the United States; Brazil; Chile etc.

March 2011
, BETERVA constantly develops more and better conference system to you! BETERVA has good and detailed production plan on the security industry. Let us look forward together for our new product!

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