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BE-5000 conference room microphone
System Overview

 · System supports up to 256 microphones in one system, 5 microphones can be turned on at the same time.

· Video tracking function is available.
· Modes: FIFO (1/2/3/4), Limit (1/2/3/4), Chairman Only
· Feedback elimination function in the system for decreasing the feedback and noise.
· Multi noise detection circuit and TONE-LOCK function for preventing the signal interference.
· The best operation distance for the system is 100 meters, and 60 meters for normal operation.
· Battery working time is about 8 hours, standby time is about 30 hours.
· No cable connection between microphones, it is easy and quick for installation.
· Multi-channels high band and intermediate band frequency selective filtering used in the system, for preventing the signal interference.
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