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Conference microphone system BE-2300D
System Overview

 BE-2300C 2300D.jpg

1Microphone head: do not hold the microphone head when speaking.

2Microphone head ring: shows the microphone working status. Indicator on means the microphone is on operating status.

3Hose: to adjust the direction and height of the microphone.

4Fixed microphone boom connectors: can not be plugged.

5Microphone speaking indicator: red indicator on means the microphone is on working status. Press the speaking button, if the green indicator in on, means the speaking is limited; if the green indicator is off, means the microphone is off.

6ON/OFF speaking button.

7Loudspeaker: when the microphone is on, the loudspeaker will be off automatically to avoid the feedback.

8 Female connector for connecting the next microphone, 2.1 meter cable for connecting the previous microphone.

9 Lapel microphone interface.

10Earphone interface.

11Volume control knob.


12Chairman priority button.

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