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BE-6020C meeting microphone system
System Overview

 1. The system adopts full digital circuit development and design, and the host control adopts high-sensitivity color TFT screen display, 4.3 inches capacitive touch screen control and Chinese LCD display make the operation more intuitive and humanized.

2. Comes with simultaneous interpretation function.

3. The video tracking function can be set up and operated without a computer, and the host can complete the video tracking setting independently.

4. System unit automatic detection function.

5. Teleconference can be carried out by connecting a telephone coupler, and there is an additional audio auxiliary input.

6. Use 8-pin aviation plug special cable to increase the tensile strength of the wire, each group can accommodate 25 microphone units,

The total capacity of a single host is 100 microphone units; adding an expansion host cascading can reach a total capacity of 1000 microphones


7. When using a 100-meter extension cable, 20 microphones can be connected.

8. Embed the web page control system. Connected to the local area network, through mobile communication devices such as IPAD and mobile phone

equipment, you can operate the host without installing software, and support Apple iOS/Google Android/Microsoft

Operating system such as Windows system.

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