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BE--6020F conference system
System Overview

9. With multiple communication interfaces,this conference system is convenient to connect various devices such as the central control (the host can receive the central control code and send it to the central control sending code).

10. Parameter adjustment and control can be carried out through the upper computer software using circuit 232 serial port and USB interface; connect A USB flash drive can record meetings and play audio files stored on the USB flash drive.

11. The conference system supports camera protocols such as Pelco P/D, YAAN, SONY EVI-D70, and BRC-Z330, and can customized protocol.

12. Support for switching hosts in conjunction with high-definition video, with the ability to simultaneously access 6 high-definition cameras and the ability to freeze images knot function.

13. The EVI-D70 preset scheme can be saved, up to 5 sets can be saved, without loss after power outage.

14. The system's speech modes include discussion mode, automatic mode, chairman mode, and full open mode; Queue mode the formula includes first in first out, last in first out, and voice controlled switches.

15. The conference system microphone unit can be set to automatically turn off with limited speech and no speech delay, meeting various needs.

16. Lotus with XLR audio output interface, line input/output, and connection to telephone coupler Interface.

17. The microphone unit has strong resistance to mobile phone interference and supports hot swapping of the microphone unit.


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